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WIN with Pandora Jewellery and LUXO this Mother's Day

WIN  with Pandora Jewellery and LUXO this Mother's Day

04 May 2015

The month of May is all about celebrating the wonderful gift of Mothers and we believe all mothers are superheroes and thus should be spoilt rotten this month!  Pandora Jewellery feels the same about Mother’s Day and that is why they are spoiling one lucky reader with a Pandora prize to the value of R2000!

Pandora is world-renowned for offering quality and hand-finished jewellery at affordable prices. They believe that women should embrace their individuality and express their personal style which we could not agree more with! Their creations are timeless, hand-finished and will make you feel fabulous, romantic and feminine all at the same time.






How to enter this fabulous competition:

As this is our Mother’s Day Giveaway we would like you to tell us why you would like to win this amazing Pandora prize for your mother – what makes her unique from all the other wonderful mothers in the world?

Just leave your comment below and you are entered!


TWEET the following: @luxo_blog and @Pandora_ZA are spoiling one lucky mom with a R2000 prize! Entry details on LUXO blog! #LUXOwin #MothersdaywithPANDORA

LIKE LUXO and Pandora’s Facebook pages by clicking here and here.

Winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, 10 May and will be contacted via email so make sure you enter immediately!

For more information on Pandora Jewellery, visit their website

Good Luck and a very happy Mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers across the world!

User comments:

By: cathy (09 May 2015)
My mom just love beautiful things. She has the ability to see beauty in just about anything.

By: Kathryn (08 May 2015)
My mother is an amazing woman who has taught us 3 kids to be happy, well adjusted adults. She supports us and loves us, and we would do anything for her.

By: Lois Carol Wessels (08 May 2015)
My mother epitomises the best qualities, patience perseverance kindness
never judges one always supportive and above has an abundance of unconditional love for friends and family. She is an example to all!

By: Megan Hunter (08 May 2015)
What makes my mum so unique is that she has been a single parent to 3 kids for my entire life. My dad passed away a month before I was born so my mum has been both parents to us for almost 27 years. She has loved us, supported us & done everything she could to ensure we had the best life possible. She has had to cope with my sister being diagnosed as an epileptic & me with Myasthenia Gravis. She is the strongest lady I know, & always sticks to her morals & beliefs. She encourages all of us when we just want to give up & she is my best friend.
I would really love her to win something that is just for her & that will remind her just how amazing she really is!

By: Khauhelo Majola (08 May 2015)
She's loving, caring, a pillar of strength and she gives the best advice. She's a good listener and I love her. Its also her birthday on the 12th, shes my best friend.

By: natalie (08 May 2015)
Oooooh nice very nice Mothers day prize

By: Moira Mc Allister (08 May 2015)
I'm entering on behalf of my 16 year old daughter Candice Mc Allister....
I love my mom to the moon and back... As she always sacrifices so much for my brother and I as she is a single parent. I don't have money to buy my mom a gift so winning this piece of jewellery would be so awesome... Thank you...

By: Sonja (08 May 2015)
My mum respects all humans and creatures around her ...

By: Bronwyn Hill (08 May 2015)
My mother is an angel in heaven, but I get to see her everyday through my daughter, as she reminds me so much of my special mother, so I am truly blessed to have this, and everyday I am reminded when my daughter says she loves me, that its from her and my mom up in heaven, and if I could only be half the mother my mom was to me then I know I'm doing a good job!!!

By: Laura T (08 May 2015)
My mother is unique as she's shown her strength day after day. She lost my father and mother-in law last year and now her mother is dealing with Cancer. She's unique in that she can finish my sentences and thoughts.

By: Hendrina (08 May 2015)
My mom has always put herself last. She would rather spoil her children than herself. She has been our foundation, the rock that we as a family stand on. She is strong, stronger than she herself knows, she is beautiful both inside and out and the most lovable person you would ever meet. She makes you laugh when you feel down. She is loved by so many, espesialy her kids. Her grand kids adore her and she is actualy a super mom!!

By: Kenneth (08 May 2015)
My mother means the world to me. She has raised 3 boys who have all excelled academically and has created a loving home which unfortunately burnt down a few months ago. This has been devastating for her. She has been through this and so many other trials in life but has remained strong throughout and I love her for this.

By: Sara (08 May 2015)
My mom is unique because her super-strength always kicks in whenever my family goes through trials, of which we have had many! Even now that she has just had a womb operation - she is still inspiring and motivational and more concerned about everyone else rather than herself!

By: Lizelle Wait (08 May 2015)
I would love to win this for my Mother.To thank her for being there for me no matter what.For being there for all my struggles .For all the pushy and wise advice even when I didn't always want to listen to you mom...For turned me in this beautifully young lady..For always having my best interest at heart.There is not enough words in this word to thank my mom for always loving me unconditional.How can one simple day prove that much thanks and love to someone who has pushed this far and still is working her way.My mom deserve to win this amazing prize.She is my best friend

By: Martie (08 May 2015)
I have never realy had a mom my mom left us with my dad when he was 22 and I was 6 months ,imaging that 1981 a man that young left with 3 small kids under the age of 3,my father had to be a mom and dad to us and still grow up himself,and in my teenage years , my sister had to be there for me to guide me in my hard times when I needed a mom,Today she is my best friend and my dad will always be my hero for stepping up and never giving up on us. So I would like to thank my Father and sister for being the best mothers a person could have and need,I LOVE YOU BOTH MORE THAN ALL THE WORDS CAN EXPLAIN.I would like my sister to win this she herself had to over come so many hard times in her life,she is brave and strong,and a mother to her own little boy now.I LOVE YOU W.

By: ragmat baron (08 May 2015)
I would love to win this amazing prize for my mother because she deserves to be spoilt, she is my best friend, my hero,my life. She has taught me to be thankful for everyday and for those in it who give it meaning. To laugh just because, to reach out and help others with an uplifting hand and to appreciate my family as a special gift

By: aruna jimmie (08 May 2015)
Its is a beautiful gift and my mom wil look stunning in it. My mom has always worked hard and I guess I can spoill her with this. She is the strongest women I know love u lots

By: Zara (08 May 2015)
Im not sure if i will win but how do i sayy mum is the best with just a few words ? My mum is my everything... She can do no wrong ! She's beautiful and amazing .. Kind and warm :-) shes my best friend . And i love her . Every mother is unique in their own way bcoz their all mums ! But if i had to choose something unique about my mum its that she is an amazing cook and she gives the best hugs ;-)

By: Beverly Longhurst (08 May 2015)
My mother is the most giving person I know. she works so hard for others and gives evrrything of herself everyday. she works for a charity for underprivileged children and never gives up or gets a break for herself. She still always finds time to be there for us, her three daughters amd Grand child. My Mum is a unique hero.

By: Ryan Quevauvilliers (06 May 2015)
My mother is unique and my best friend and she astounds and encourages everyone around her to happiness and self improvement

By: Christina D (06 May 2015)
My mother acts very youthful and she is a fighter, I've never seen her give up hope in something. My mom is my biggest role model and I turn to her for my fashion inspiration.

By: Pamela TIearney (06 May 2015)
I'm entering on behalf of my 2 sons :-) they say that mommy is a Angel from Heaven and mommy is always helping others,always there to keep Peace your a Awesome mommy :-) I <r my 2 sons 2 bits :-) Thank you for saying this about me you 2 are my Soldiers :iy

By: Karen v H (06 May 2015)
Beautiful elegant pieces!

By: Lelanie Jones (06 May 2015)
My mom loves exquisite jewellery. If she would win this she will be over the moon and it will also let her know how much I love her as her daughter. She has always been there for me through all my difficulties. She is really a diamond amongst the stones.

By: Rabe (05 May 2015)
Awesome competition!

By: Megan Jonkers (05 May 2015)
Cheryl Jonkers has been there with me since the day i took my first breath, she taught me most of what i know and oh was i lucky that she could be a stay at home mom.She was mom, friend, doctor and all the things i needed her to be, to the one lady that i get to call mommy you amaze me and teach me so much everyday.At the age of 23 you everything i want to be.What makes her unique is that she does everything in her power to make sure i'm happy,healthy and save.

By: Tracy Jacobs (05 May 2015)
My mom is 87 years old and still incredible for her age, rather like a 65 year old actually, still cooks and cleans every day, sews, bakes, plays bridge, walks, her hair, nails and make up is always fabulous and has a wicked sense of humour.

By: Ben Monteverdi (05 May 2015)
My mom is the most loving and caring person that i know...she deserves the best.

By: lameez (05 May 2015)
Wow!! whay a stunning mothers Day Gift :)

By: Meghan Opperman (05 May 2015)
Why my mom deserves to win with LUXO Blog and Pandora?

I bought her a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, to say she loved it would be an understatement (even if she only has one charm).

My mom has probably been through numerous challenges and scenarios which most other moms' would probably never have to face. But this isn't a my-mom-is-better-than-your-mom 'comment entry' (even if she is, to me). My mom is courageous and strong. As a family we have been through ups and downs but my mom has always been there to keep us on track. She is my best friend and the only person I can confide in. I would give her and my family the world if I could, so winning this amazing prize would be the first step to achieving this.

By: Jesse (05 May 2015)
She gave me love, not just life!

By: Sandro Viljoen (05 May 2015)
My mom is unique because she had to handle two young boys on her own. My father work kept him busy most of the time, so my mom would take on both roles. She raised us to be respectful and caring. I would do anything for my mom.

By: Hawa Bibi (05 May 2015)
She's the love of my life, the reason for every smile, she always is around even when she never makes a sound. She gives whole heartedly, never acts selfishly and I'd love to spoil her and make her feel appreciated

By: carmen harper (05 May 2015)
My mother is the very definition of a warrior, a characteristic which she has undoubtedly inherited from my grandparents. She embodies leadership, strength, humility and a relentless optimism that has and continues to shine every day in my life and in the lives of everyone who meets her. I would love to win this and say thanks for maturing me into the women I am

By: nasika baijnath (05 May 2015)
what makes my mum unique...she is beautiful from the inside out. loves without reason, shows compassion and kindness. she lets me live my dream and is a huge inspiration for me. she gives from the heart and appreciates life and everyone around her. she has taught me morals and values about life, my culture and heritage. she outshines all the woman i know and is a blessing in my life. she has taught me to appreciate humans, nature and all animals. she will always be my number one and i will always hold her as close to my heart as i can. Reeta Roopnarain is my mum, for giving me life and for showing me boundless love

By: Tanusta Jainarain (05 May 2015)
My mothers strength through adversity , we have survived so many tragedies because of her strength , she goes on just for us and every mothers day and fathers day is so hard without my dad and big brother , she deserves an abundance of spoils

By: Kim Baxen (04 May 2015)
My Mum is courageous woman who has endured many challenges but never let them stop her from progressing and living a full life. She is an inspiration to both my family and community and has a generous spirit that is always willing to help and go the extra mile. Although retired she empowers young kids in our community with literacy skills. A treasure chest of wisdom and her life a colourful tapestry of grace; my Mom truly is one in a million! Love you Mum xx

By: anusha naidoo (04 May 2015)
My mum is precious and special to me, I'm so blessed to have a mum like her. she gave me the gift of life and to this day continues to love/care/support/advise me unconditionally. I was widowed at a young age with a daughter to care for, my mum welcomed me back home, I was unemployed/grief stricken. My mum helped me through my loss and pain, she wiped away tears, stayed up with me on sleepless nights, fed me when I had no appetite. She was my pillar of strength. She gave me hope/reason to live on and travel lifes journey with my daughter. Love to treat her to this wonderful prize. Thank you for this opportunity.

By: Nooreen Agherdien (04 May 2015)
I would love to surprise my Mom with the R2000 voucher from Pandora I know she would absolutely anything from the range, but what makes my mom unique is that she is a mother of six kids she raised five girls and one boy I know what a handful but she did it. We are all now educated and furthering ourselves thanks to her as a mother, and with her I have become a very independent person in life I know I am very lucky to have her as my mother :)
Happy Mothers Day :)

Tweeting @Nooreen9


By: candice ying sun (04 May 2015)
being a single mother really takes it's toll she's sacrifised so much for us i just want to spoil her a bit :)

By: Edlyn (04 May 2015)
My mom is special and unique coz as a single parent she provide almost everything for us, and her unconditional love and is superior even on the most beautiful words nothing can match her love for us. I love her with all my heart and soul.

By: Suzette Swarts (04 May 2015)
Oe I wish my Mother is the Best<3

By: Lynnith Andreou (04 May 2015)
My mom is amazing and unique as she has traveled the world and has the most amazing stories and photos to prove it! She definitely deserves some fine jewelry as she loves all things sparkly and beautiful, just like herself!

By: Rentia (04 May 2015)
My mom has always been special, but this year, with the birth of my first born baby girl, my respect for her as mom grew immensely. She has been such a support and I'm only now getting a grasp of everything she must have given up in order to mother my brother and I. I'm so incredibly grateful!

By: Christine Mentz (04 May 2015)
I would love to win this for my mom because I can't afford to get her anything beautiful this year for Mother's Day

By: Poova (04 May 2015)
This would be the perfect gift for the most special and caring lady I know.
My mom is unique because she has 2 kids but everyone else in our neighborhood also calls her mom, she always has those special words to comfort, support and make you smile on those days when you need them the most.

And her cooking is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! :)

By: Ciorsten van den heuvel (04 May 2015)
Wow! This looks so amazing. Dont own anything Pandora and its been my wish for so long to own some piece of pandora. I always admire the padora store each time i walk past it. Dreaming one day i could own a piece by pandora. This would be the ultimate mothersday present dream come true. I will be jumping to the clouds and back. Fingers crossed. Tweeted @ cirstenvdh on twitter <3

By: Nicola Meyer (04 May 2015)
My Mom is unique because she is MY Mom! I would love to spoil her and show my appreciation for all she has done for me. Her birthday is also later this month.

By: Gerda Prinsloo (04 May 2015)
I would love to win this voucher for my mother simply because she is a house wife that brought up 3 of her own children and 2 that was just family friends, after all 5 of us moving out of the house my mother is still looking after 4 grand children after school comes out of which 3 is boys and 1 a girl, she has her hands full everyday and she never complains she loves it so muh and even now witg another baby on the way she ia even more excited as her house will stay full for longer. I love my mom to bits

By: Heather (04 May 2015)
My mum never spoils herself she has been a widow twice brought up her 3 children
by herself we never went without. She always gives to others she has
terrible arthritis and we are in the process of getting her hands corrected
I would love for her to have jewellery just to make her feel like a Queen.

By: Halima Shaik (04 May 2015)
What makes my mum unquie and diffrent from every other mother in this universe,is that my mum isn't perfect,she's openly admitted her flaws and shared with me her own failures in life,by doing so she gave me the abiltiy to learn from her own lifes experinces,she showed me throughout this years that no one is perfect,yet we are all unique and to be so we should always be honest to ourselves,be quick to forgive and love unconditionally always.

By: Megan (04 May 2015)
I'd love to win this for my mom because she LOVES delicate jewellery and I usually buy her something new every mothers day, but being a student I can't afford all the lovely things I see in store.
My mom organises a charity hike every couple of months for under privelaged kids who haven't really had the chance to experience nature. The project is called Pride of Table Mountain and is occasionally sponsored by Woolworths through her. She also constantly gives away the 'leftovers' from meals at woolworths to the less fortunate whenever there are holidays and they provide treats for the staff there (which she also organises as part of the Energiser Commitee). I would love to win this for her.

By: Tania (04 May 2015)
My Mother is such a special woman. She has amazing qualities to many to mention but the one thing I just have to mention is here sense of giving. She ALWAYS has something to give to someone, food, clothes, her time (she makes time for anyone), and above all her HEART filled with LOVE! This would be a perfect time for me to GIVE to her such a beautiful gift from Pandora Jewellery and LUXO.

By: Dawn (04 May 2015)
My Mom is unique because from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew this would be a lifetime of love and commitment. Someone who would love me unconditionally, who would guide me through all the ups and downs, never judging me, always supporting me. A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. My mother was there for me throughout my pregnancy, guiding me as I learnt to deal with constant nausea, holding my hand as I threatened to miscarry, never giving up on this miracle inside of me, easing me into motherhood and teaching me that unconditional love is the root of motherhood, crying with me as I lost one baby after another, looking after me as I went through hours of labour losing yet another baby. I have my miracle child, despite being told I never would and my Mother has been that special bond, that glue that holds me together and I can only hope and pray that I will one day be just half the woman she is, someone who is loving, kind, giving and never has a bad word to say about anyone, always seeing the good in every situation and never losing faith!!!

By: Gloria (04 May 2015)
My mother is so unique because she does not follow what the World says she has to be or how she has to bring up her children, she knows what to do because Mothers are born with the special knowing of how to be a Mother, and each mother is unique in their own way, my Mother is the type of mother who is always there for her children, putting them first, never thinking of herself, feeling the love you can only experience once you have had a child.

By: Jessica Staci (04 May 2015)
My Mother is unique because she is her own person, she does not follow fashion magazines, she does not follow motherly advice, she relies on her own intuition and does what she feels is best for her child, I know this because she has brought me up to be the person I am today, and I hope and pray I can one day be the type of mother she is - loving, caring, giving, kind, generous and the glue that holds our family together with her faith and her ability to see the good in every situation and understanding and supporting all my decisions, she is not just my Mother she is my best friend.

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