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WIN with Optiphi and LUXO!

WIN with Optiphi and LUXO!

05 August 2013

LUXO loves Optiphi Skincare Range and we have had several competitions and reviews of the products in the past.  This month one lucky reader will stand a chance to win an Optiphi Skincare hamper worth R2273.00! The hamper consists of of 4 incredible skincare products and will ensure that you have beautiful skin for the next few months! The products are:

- Optiphi Facial Cleanser for deep cleansing and soothing comfort.

- Optiphi Moisture Control Light that nourishes your skin with lasting intense moisture.

- Optiphi Set the Canvas  that gives your face a flawless finish in the form of a primer. It gives a matte finish and leaves your skin shine free all day!

- Optiphi Muslin Cloth that is perfect for exfoliation and and improved skin texture.

Optiphi Giveaway on LUXO  

To enter and stand a chance to WIN this hamper, all you have to do is comment on this article and tell us why you should be the one to win this fabulous hamper.

Competition closes 30 August 2013.

Elrico Bellingan

User comments:

By: Michael Chait (29 August 2013)
It's really nice, please could i win it for my mom and lady, as they would enjoy it.

By: Tracy Jacobs (28 August 2013)
Awesome giveaway:) who wouldn't want to use these amazing products on their skin. Would love it.

By: Michael McDonald (25 August 2013)
I would ,love to win this for my mom as well...

By: Michelle McDonald (25 August 2013)
I need to win this so my mom and I can share it!!!

By: Rumbarani Naidoo (24 August 2013)
Having fine lines and pigmentation on my face; winning the Optiphi Skincare Range will solve my problem by using these products..

Would love to win this and to try it my age 52 years old need something to protect my skin :)

By: Arlene Cawood (15 August 2013)
Step aside ladies/gents, I'm 60 and need this treatment much more than you sweet young things! Please help an older lady in need! I would love to be able to use your products.

By: LayD (13 August 2013)
In my 30's i believe it's the perfect time to start slowing down the ageing process so that my skin stays glowing and healthy. My 3 sons think I'm the most beautiful mom in the world, and I'd like to keep it that way, that's why it would be amazing to win this prize!

By: Desire Brand (13 August 2013)
I've never used any skin care product on my face. I alway thought it never works,and they always want to make money. Im turning 28 on the 15th of august and I have notice that my face show signs of dry skin.I have fine lines around my eye area. If Optiphi Skincare Range can turn back the time for my face, sign me up please.

By: Chenda (12 August 2013)
I should be the one to win this hamper because I have never had the opportunity to try Optiphi products, but I've heard that they work like a charm! My skin is always dry and I really need some new products that will have longer lasting moisture for my skin and I believe Optiphi products will have the solution for me.

By: Charlene van der Westhuizen (12 August 2013)
My skin is in serious need of some TLC from Optiphi!

By: Belinda Landers (11 August 2013)
I would love to win this hamper,my skin really needs some TLC.

By: Denise Helen Gordon (11 August 2013)
At 47 I've been trying to find a product that nourishes and care's for my skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturised, working against time and the elements to keep the fine lines at bay, and aiding in it looking and feeling more youthful, soft and supple.

By: Patricia Wood (11 August 2013)
I have terribly dry skin because I am hypothyroidism and I am desperate just for some moisture in my skin, and this product seems to have the answer to my prayers.

By: Paramjeet Singh (11 August 2013)
winning is my habit
winning for my lady ...

By: Pamela Tiearney (11 August 2013)
I would like to win this awesome give away :-) As I struggle with my skin(Face) this would just be the right product for me :-)

By: Nessa (11 August 2013)
Gosh; what an awesome give-away! I could really do with the Optiphi range of products - slaving away over a hot stove with all of the smoke and oil my skin really needs to be treated.

By: Ricardo (11 August 2013)
Ek het al als wat op die mark is gebruik. Op die oomblik gebruik ek niks want my vel bly dieselfde. Het n baie sensitiewe olierige vel. Sal baie graag die produk wil probeer.

By: Charmaine (09 August 2013)
I need some great quality products to help get me through the last of Winter... Thank you

By: Marc McDonald (09 August 2013)
I would love to win this for my mom please! Her 60th birthday is just around the corner and it will be an awesome gift to her (as well as the other stuff I get for her)

By: Tracey (08 August 2013)
It's a wonderful product. Who wouldn't want to win...and look good all the time!

By: Theresa Lozier (08 August 2013)
I would like to win so I can use the range, brag about the results and tell all my friends that Optiphi deserves all the credit! It's wonderful to see a South African skincare brand that really works and I would love to see it more widely known.

By: Karin B (07 August 2013)
Would love to win quality skin care products for ageing skin.

By: Michael Chait (06 August 2013)
Hi all, sounds lovely. I would love to win this for my very special lady, thank you.

By: Janine (06 August 2013)
After this long winter it will be well appreciated and needed.Goodluck to everyone.

By: Andre (06 August 2013)
I'm a man...and I wish to win tis competition so I can give the love of my life a gift tat she will always treasure....As this has always been my wish for her...Iwould be so glad if you could assist me giving her this great gift...thank you

By: Petina Naidoo (06 August 2013)
I would love to win, cause skin care products are so expensive it will not only be a perfect gift for Women's Day but also be a luxury.

By: MICHELL BOTES (06 August 2013)
I NEED AND WANT soothing comfortable skin, ALONG WITH lasting intense moisture, that gives my face a flawless finish in the form of a primer. Something that will give my skin a matte finish and leave my skin shine free all day! YAP!!!!THE PRODUCT FOR ME!!!

By: Nothando Khama (06 August 2013)
I was born with dry sensitive skin and a reaction called eczema. I used to live in an area that had polluted air because of sasol fuel which affected my skin very badly. I'd love to win so that I'd have beautiful healthy skin and I believe Optiphi Skincare Range will help me.

By: dina dos santos (06 August 2013)
39 and i look 50, single mom of two and would like to give myself a facial to get my youthful look back, not going to meet anyone looking like this so i need all the help i can get

By: ansie botes (06 August 2013)
would realy love to win when get older to treat wrinkles and dark spot every woman dream for a beautiful skin

By: ansie botes (06 August 2013)
would love to use this product i love a beautiful skin and think how older you get you get worried more about your skin and the wrinkles and dark spots thats why i would realy love to win this awesome product ty

By: Cirsten Van Den Heuvel (06 August 2013)
My skin is in need of some treatment. I'm starting fine lines, uneven skin tone , large pores and dry skin. I'm still yet trying to find my miracle beauty product.

By: brandon (06 August 2013)
I would just like to win this prize for my wife because I love her so much and want her to feel special everyday and these products would definetly help me in doing that...making her feel that extra bit special.

By: Bernice Harman (06 August 2013)
I'm currently using **bleep** which a certain beauty salon advised was NO GOOD and that I should invest in a reputable product which I believe OPTIPHI SKINCARE RANGE is recommended by Medical Practitioners and Skin Care Therapists. I would love my skin to be treated to LUXURY. I've realised as I get older how important it is to invest in the best, here's hoping I can be treated this WOMAN'S MONTH to this fabulous prize!

By: Janine (06 August 2013)
Never had something like this before,would really appreciate it ,

By: Kay Johnson (06 August 2013)
Seriously who says no to beautiful looking skin? And obviously if I win that would ensure me changing my dull winter skin into beautiful, more radiant and smoother looking skin. I'm young and its essential that we look after our skin from a young age right? So winning this would be ideal opportunity to put that into practice, Oh and because its women's month and its our month to get spoilt *smiles* #womenpower

By: Nikki (06 August 2013)
I have been coveting Optiphi for ages but its out of my budget! winning this giveaway would be such a blessing because I am having terrible issues with my skin now in my late twenties, and from all the reviews I've read I feel Optiphi will be the solution to my problems

By: Jade (06 August 2013)
Every girl deserves this prize but I deserve it more because I love trying new products but I'm on the hunt for something to stick to. Optiphi could be a winner if I am :)

By: Astrid Julies (05 August 2013)
This is aan exquisite and fabulous giveaway. The bounus is that these products are "South African born"...yippee!!
The process PHI incorperated Optiphi which helps all skin cells regain a natural balance resulting in beautiful, healthy skin from within is so important. Four great products indeed.

By: rehana seedat (05 August 2013)
rehana seedat

I would love to transform my dull, ageing problematic skin into "Healthy flawless skin" I feel that my skin would definately benefit from these products
The cloth is just perfect to make my skin silky smooth resulting in improved skin texture. Hoping to win these much loved & wanted products as I am financially unable to afford them

By: fatima ismail ( @Miss_Glamour24 ) (05 August 2013)
Ohh I would LOVE this giveaway! My skin has more bad days then goood day and is in need of some serious TLC!! Please please LUXO blog, I'd love flawless skin this summer

By: Redewaan (05 August 2013)
surely I desreve to win this price because it was
my daugher`s birthday on AUGUST 3
my anniversary 09
Eid celebration 09
wife`s birthday 14

By: Ferial Essa (05 August 2013)
It's important to look after your skin! This is why I feel I should be given this hamper!!

By: Dawn Wallenkamp (05 August 2013)
I would love to win this hamper and I am very close to 50 and need really good classy skin care products that do what they say. This skincare range is definitely the best one can get.

By: Doris Coetzer (05 August 2013)
WOW! Optiphi is a proudly South African brand with proven scientific background and ground-breaking formulations. Why wouldn't I want to enter this competition and stand a chance to win some of these amazing products?! My absolute favourite (and my husband's too!) is the Set-the-Canvas. Matte and flawless skin in an instant!

By: Widaad J (05 August 2013)
I Should win because I love the range, and my skin needs some rejuvenation!

By: Ruline de Bruyn (05 August 2013)
Fantastic giveaway! ...I am in desperate need of quality products to nourish my during winter.

By: Roxanne Chutthergoon (05 August 2013)
I would love to win this hamper as I have problematic skin with pimples and excessive oiliness. I would be delighted if I could try Optiphi on my skin as I have heard so many great reviews about this range! I would be blessed if I could treat, rejuvenate and pamper my skin with some Optiphi love!

Please help me rescue my skin :)

By: Helen Laatz (05 August 2013)
I would love to win this hamper to try out this amazing product! My sister swears it is the best ever! Also, its my birthday this month and would be an awesome treat to win!

By: Dawn Clarke (05 August 2013)
My skin is a mess, I have no idea where to go or where to start on correcting it. I'm soooo busy trying to look after everyone else I just don't have the time to look after my self. In fact I was told my akin is the most important organ of my body and I need to look after it, after all it does soooo much for me, it is time I prioritize, now to find the right product.

By: ParveenB (05 August 2013)
Because I'm the first to comment? :-D

Jokes aside, I should win this fantastic hamper because I am a walking advertisement for Optiphi. Doing the peels in conjunction with using their products has had an amazing transformative effect on my skin. It has completely reversed years of scarring and pigmentation. I am an Optiphi customer for life - their products have given me back my great skin and my confidence!

By: Tanya B (05 August 2013)
Becuase it is AWESOME! And I would love to have a great skincare routine.

By: Nicola Meyer (05 August 2013)
As I get older my skin is changing and I need to change the products I use. I'm sure my skin would love the feel of the Optiphi. I especially love the sound of the Optiphi Moisture Control Light. What an incredible prize.

By: Cindy Peters (05 August 2013)
I am getting at the age where Intense Skincare is important!!! And with a Oily skin like mine Optiphi Set the Canvas will help for oily skin!!

By: carryn paikin (05 August 2013)
I would love to win this hamper for a number of reasons : my current skincare products are almost finished, I am noticing fine lines which are disturbing me, and I need a nourishing, moisturizing product for the dry Highveld winter!

By: Lynn Botha (05 August 2013)
I have heard fantastic reviews about this product and would love to try something new on my skin. Having 2 kiddies just over a year apart hasn't left any time for me to concentrate on my skin, but its time for a change - I want to look good and it all begins with your skin looking good.

By: RESHMA BALKISSOON (05 August 2013)
every womens dream is to have thee most beautiful skin and to age gracefully,my skin has seen some terrible times,due to pollution in the air and water my skin has begun showing signs of problems,acne and pigmentation,flair ups,i would be honoured to win the products to give my skin the food it needs to repair and recover.

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