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WIN with Fireball No. 6 and LUXO!

WIN with Fireball No. 6 and LUXO!

21 January 2015

It's a new year and that means time for a new competition on LUXO! This time we are bringing you a brand new drink that will make you fall in love with cocktail hour all over again!

Do you still remember fireball sweets? Well if you do then you will love the new Fireball No. 6!

Win with Fireball No 6 and LUXO

Fireball No. 6 is a newly launched liqueur with a predominant cinnamon flavour note. It is spiced with 6 secret spices which gives it that unique taste. Fireball No. 6 is best served straight up, ice cold or with your favourite cocktail mixer.

Win with Fireball No 6 and LUXO

Now the part most of you are interested in: How to WIN your very own bottle! LUXO is giving away 3 bottles of this awesome new liqueur and all you have to do to enter is comment below and tell is how would YOU describe the taste of a fireball! Then go to their Facebook page HERE and let them know you have entered our competition on LUXO! Easy as that!

*Competition closes 30 January 2015.

*Winners will be contacted via email and delivery will be organised with the company of Fireball No 6

*If winners take more than 24hours to respond with delivery details, LUXO has the right to choose new winners.

Good Luck Everyone!

Elrico Bellingan

User comments:

By: REHANA SEEDAT (24 January 2015)
A shot of this warms the throat and is good for any social gathering. One of my favorite whiskeys

By: Kim Goncalves (23 January 2015)
Fireball and is like a spicy tingly cinnamon avalanche on your tongue. For adventurous spirited people.

By: Ross Howard (23 January 2015)
The sweet taste of hell fire :)

By: rosa da silva (23 January 2015)
I've never tasted fireball but if I win, I will be able to tell you how it tastes :)

By: Brandon Gordon (23 January 2015)
Fireball is the King of flavoured Whiskeys, it really taste really great and is very smooth , you just want more and more


By: Kavita (23 January 2015)
A sweet cinnamon explosion with a slight fiery burn to end it off!

By: Leatitia du Toit (23 January 2015)
A burning sensation

By: Tharishia Naidoo (23 January 2015)
EXPLOSIVE ... That's what Fireball tastes like!

By: Lilly Whitehead (23 January 2015)
Its like little devils on my tongue. Gotto love it!!!!

By: ansie zaw botes (23 January 2015)

By: dina dos santos (21 January 2015)
like red hot cinnamon exploding in my mouth

By: Nadine (20 January 2015)
The taste is potion, fast, simmering and an explosion.

By: Rhenita de Jager (20 January 2015)
My favourite! Fireballs :)))) It produces more heat than sweet, but the strong cinnamon taste lingers on your burning tongue, long after the drink has been consumed! I suppose it is a reincarnation of the fireball sweet you can buy at any supermarket, but, of course, with a lovely, alcoholic kick!

By: Chanel Glass (20 January 2015)
Wow, haven't had a fireball hard candy sweet in years...BUT I don't think you can EVER forget that flavour and rich smell.

Best way to describe the taste: Its a mix of cinnamon, with a undertone of chilli. Just enough chilli to give you the warm flavour but none of the burn. Sugary syrup to give you the sweet sensation mix with sweet red peppers for the added punch.

This drink sounds like its going to be amazing!!! Cant wait to splash it over a few blocks of ice.

By: Dawn Wallenkamp (20 January 2015)
I would describe the taste of a fireball as an explosion of silky smooth cinnamon exploding in my mouth, leaving a delicate taste of spices that tingle on my tongue

By: Gloria Strydom (20 January 2015)
I would describe the taste as a tantalising delight on my tastebuds, a sweet sensation awakening my senses.

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