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WIN a high tea for two at The Mount Nelson Hotel

WIN a high tea for two at The Mount Nelson Hotel

10 November 2012

The Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town is one of the most popular hotels and they are especially known for their fine dining experiences they have to offer. Their high tea is absolutely spectacular and you have to experience it for yourself to be able to know what I mean. From flavoured teas to delicious pastries their afternoon high tea will have you going back for more and is every sweet tooth's fantasy.

Mount Nelson High Tea Competition

Mount Nelson High Tea Competition

LUXO is giving one lucky reader the chance to go and experience this decadent high tea AND take a special someone with you (what is the point if you don't get to share it!).

All you have to do is comment on this article stating why we should choose you as the winner of our competition. For extra entries, check our Facebook page!

Competition closes 30 November 2012.

Elrico Bellingan

User comments:

By: Lindiwe Tsheka (03 December 2012)
Hey I saw your tweets, if you still looking for a winner I'd really like to take it!
I wanna cheer up my friend now she's all depressed and this tea will defs cheer her up, a trip to CPT is what she wanted and well having an expenses paid high tea to treat her will be nice, I don't wanna see her sad, it'll ruin our last holiday together before she leaves for varsity :(. Please.

By: Mini Bhikha (01 December 2012)
Well I would love to be chosen as the winner because I want to give my Mom a once in a lifetime experience and pamper her. She needs to be treated like a queen an this would do it!

By: Anouschka Venter (22 November 2012)
I would like Andrew Titus to win as his comment was just so lovely. He should take the girl he really really likes and she'll definitely think that he's the coolest guy ever! You go Andrew!

By: farzaana (21 November 2012)
Hi there I would love to win this,this would really be awesome day to be part of this luxury experience.I am a mother of 2 who hardly even have tym to myself least alone have time to Do some adult adventures,I'm dying to have an outing with my 1 of my girlfriends to enjoy this drees up and tea.I would really really appreciate it,so pleeeeease choose me

By: Charne Banger (19 November 2012)
You should choose me as the winner because November 2012 is my 5 years with my amazing boyfriend! He always treats me and this time I'd really like to treat him! Guys also need some pampering! :)
It would be a very romantic and fun thing to do together!
We love sweet things and good food! One of the best feelings in the world is having a warm stomach with someone you love!
We also stay in Cape Town and have never been to The Mount Nelson and it's such a beautiful, magnificent Hotel so we'd really enjoy it!

By: Andrew Titus (19 November 2012)
There is a girl a really really like and would love to win this and ask her on a date. She will think i am the coolest guy EVER!!!!!

By: Noel Davids (19 November 2012)
my wife and I have been trying for the last 12 years to have another baby after our little girl was stillborn. We've just undergone our 6th and final attempt at ivf and once again it was unsuccessful. Its really hurt her body this time around, her heart is bruised also. She's a wonderful woman and I'd love see her pampered for a change. She's heard about Mount Nelsons amazing High Tea and this would be wonderful for her to win

By: Widaad (17 November 2012)
For some strange reason i have ALWAYS wanted to do it and never got around to do it, id like to dress up with a beautiful summers dress with bouncing curls and huge hat and sip my tea! Would really be a great experience!

By: Pienaar Kloppers (16 November 2012)
My wife is my everything and she only deserves the best in the world and I know I can’t offer her the best. I am not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination and the last few years since 2008 has been really tough on us with the economic crisis. These days it feels as if all we talk about is money and how we are going to save more and sacrifice more, it is funny how our house bond is our only priority and trust me it is taking its toll on our relationship. Be that as it may I believe that if I could treat my wife to anything special we as a couple can for once forget about our finances for a while and just focus on us as a couple. I just want my wife to feel appreciated again and if I am the person that can provide her with an opportunity to do it all the better.

By: Lynne Morland (16 November 2012)
Because its a beautiful place that I have never been able to visit and it would a total honor for me and Hubby to have some romantic time there. Its our 1 year anniversary on the 17th of Dec. Spectacular prize !!

By: Erica Jooste (16 November 2012)
I would love to treat my bff to this wonderful prize. It's my very best friend's birthday on the 7th of December and she's really needing some cheering up. The company she's been working for, for 18 years is liquidating and the prospect of job hunting is very daunting for her. What better way to cheer her up and share some girl time, than celebrating her birthday, with high tea at The Mount Nelson.

By: Talitha (16 November 2012)
Wow...I would loooove to experience such an amazing event as I have been a survivor of the Tsunami and almost did not have a second chance of a beautiful blessing called LIFE!
Many times we take life for granted and I'd be more than honored and privileged to share such an experience with the Mount Nelson Hotel.

By: Stacey (16 November 2012)
Cos high tea, is truly an opportunity to dress up and don one's most flatteringly feminine frock. It's old-school style, and it would be positively perfect to be able to indulge in all of life's pleasures, beauty, luxury, friendship, gastronomy and last but not least, very fine Earl Grey tea. xoxo

By: Melanie (15 November 2012)
I simply have to comment a second time in the hope of winning this prize.

What an awesome way to experience a "taste" of the good life...

By: Lynn Botha (14 November 2012)
I have never been to the Mount Nelson - this would be such an amazing experience to share with someone special - some quality time with my husband - one doesn't get to do such lovely things when you have small children.

By: Imrah (13 November 2012)
I need the opportunity to sit back and relax, eat food that was not prepared by me, and not have to clean the dishes afterward!

By: lisa (13 November 2012)
I think I should win because I've never been to a high tea before and would love experience it with a friend. I've heard only good things about a high tea.

By: Abby (13 November 2012)
Also have liked and shared on FB under Abby Stiletto and follow on twitter @Onestiletto

By: Melanie (12 November 2012)
I would love to win simply because I enjoy eating good food. This is definitely a prize worth winning.

I follow you on twitter @melbrown1978 and I'm a FB fan xoxo

By: Kathryn (12 November 2012)
I have never been to the grand old lady for high tea, but would love to take my daughter as she will soon be a young lady! Somehow high tea should be about mothers & their daughters...! Or women & their best friends...or just really special people! Beautiful venue, what a decadent afternoon this will be for whoever wins!

By: Deslé McConney (12 November 2012)
I would love to win this because I have never experienced a high tea and I have never been to the Mount Nelson... and I live in Cape Town... *Shock and Horror!* I eould love and appreciate the opportunity;-)

By: faeema (12 November 2012)
High tea at mount nelson has been on my list of things I would LOVE to do forever and a day! I read that it is the best high tea experience in the country, I have also seen amazing pictures of decadent spreads. It all looks so luxurious. Would love to experience this for myself and share the moment with a loved one.

By: Tasmiya (12 November 2012)
I would absolutely love to win this... Tea, scones, macarons, pastries, butter biscuits, pastels, lace, summer and romance.. All things delicious and classy rolled into one date ... Sounds absolutely dreamy! Would love to share this with my boyfriend :)

Follow you on twitter and liked your Facebook page :)

By: Abby (12 November 2012)
I adore High Tea. The Mount Nelson is so gorgeous and majestic and sitting in their beautiful ornate lounges takes one back to a far more cultured period. The massive table laden with scrumptious goodies also makes it delightful!!!!

The main reason you should pick me is because I will truly appreciate this prize!!
And I am Cape Town based :)

By: Lindiwe Tsheka (12 November 2012)
OMW it'll be an absolutely breathe taking experience!!!! Couldn't ask for a better venue, it would be a great chance to dress up, cute black ballet pumps sheer dresses lots of accessories and amazing company and it'll be the perfect way to de-stress from my matric finals!!!!! Lord Knows I need it and I'll be doing it in style and with treats :). Bliss

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