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Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

30 March 2015

This week Ritza and I are exploring Dubai and we want to share with you things that we have done and that you might want to add to your list when visiting Dubai.

Yesterday we went shopping the famous Mall of Dubai and we chose to have dinner in fashionable style at Vogue Cafe (because the name alone is enough to make us try it!). Vogue Cafe is in the absolute perfect location better known as "Beverly Heels" or "Stiletto Drive" and the entire area is filled with designer shoe store and designer pop up shops with all the shoes you can only imagine seeing on red carpets and in magazines.

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

The menu at Vogue Cafe is not only awesome to look at with editorials in between meal choices and very interesting names for each dish and cocktail (aka mocktail) including Chanel No.6, Hepburns Berry Blast and The Crimson myth of Monroe but it also has a great variety of dishes from Asian to Italian.

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Vogue Cafe Dubai

So what did we eat? The food really was incredible and only in Dubai can I expect to order sushi and it comes to the table dipped in gold - wow! I had the Crispy Salmon Skin and Avocado sushi as well as the Gold Sushi with King Prawn - absolutely delicious and definitely a must try for sushi lovers.

Vogue Cafe

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Ritza loves trying out mushroom risotto wherever she goes (she still believes the best risotto in the world is at Society Bistro in Cape Town) but this one was really good, beautifully presented and filled with an amazing variety of wild mushrooms!

Vogue Cafe Dubai

Make sure to add Vogue Cafe to your list of places to eat when visiting Dubai - it really is a fashion and gourmet experience!

Elrico Bellingan

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