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Stay young with Optiphi Cosmetics

Stay young with Optiphi Cosmetics

26 June 2013

I love trying out new skincare products and keeping our readers in the loop of what is hot on the market and what really works. 2 Weeks ago I got the lovely delivery to my door of Optiphi skincare and I have to admit that I did not know the product before this.

The first thing that I immediately loved was the packaging. It is ultra modern and sleek and completely different from other skincare products (we all shop with our eyes so they definitely nailed that part!).

Optiphi Skincare Products

Optiphi Skincare Products

Optiphi Skincare Products

To give you a bit of background on the brand , Optiphi is advance anti-aging skincare products that wants to fight all the signs of aging through their products.  Their products are targeted to promote skin rejuvenation and this is how I experienced their products.

I received the facial cleanser, moisture control moisturiser and ageless active gel to try out and I got Elrico to try them out as well for a girl and guy perspective on the product.

I loved the facial cleanser because it is very gentle and fragrance free. It is a PH balanced cleanser and it removes all my makeup without having to wash my face 4 times! Elrico loved that the cleanser is soap free and you only use a little that goes a long way!

The Moisture control is very moisturising, but it absorbs into the skin without making the skin look oily. It is perfect for everyday wear and nourishes the skin with lasting moisture so I find it to be perfect for winter! Elrico wears it everyday and he can already feel an improvement in elasticity in his skin!

The ageless activegel is perfect for me who wears makeup everyday and who wants to give my skin a break and all the help it can get during the night. The activegel slows down the aging process and enhances cellular DNA health. It is a bit sticky when you apply it to your skin, but it absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated the next morning.

I will definitely recommend Optiphi skincare for ladies that wants to take special care of their skin and who would like to look younger!

For more info visit

Ritza van Rensburg

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