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#MBFWCT17 Sneak Peek: Gavin Rajah

#MBFWCT17 Sneak Peek: Gavin Rajah

23 March 2017

Gavin Rajah will be kicking off the biggest fashion gathering in Cape Town better known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 with his latest collection and as always, we expect drama, colour and this season, love. 

Get to know this designer a bit better through this exclusive AFI interview: 

Where his love for fashion started: 

Falling in love with fashion as a child attending a theatre production, Gavin Rajah was fascinated by the elaborate costume changes and their ability to dramatically alter a person’s persona. Mesmerised by the masquerade of clothing; together with a passion for the palette of colour, inspired his artistic interpretation within the fashion industry. Although his father was in clothing production, they never had the opportunity to work together, yet he has always been a reference on Gavin’s illustrious journey. 

Challenges in the South African fashion industry: 

One of the greatest challenges Gavin has faced in the local industry, is the concept of insular fashion; and his recent experience abroad in the Harvard Global Leadership Program, has strongly influenced his perception of fashion in South Africa, and how we can grow and change as an industry. From a global perspective, his thought process has shifted, and he is expanding his business in the international sphere, without the use of traditional methods.
Giving depth to what he is doing, he has learnt lessons from leaders with the same trajectory, but in complete different sectors, which has had a monumental impact on his business of fashion. 

It’s about more than business and intelligence, it’s about inspiring others, and Gavin believes that if one has knowledge, one should allow others to light their candles in it. With this sentiment in mind, he is currently creating something transformative, with an exploratory development programme within the African design landscape. Harnessing talent and potential with a group of hybrid designers, with their fingers on the pulse of creating fashion validity in the world of the arts. 

What we can expect of his upcoming collection at #MBFWCT17: 

Inspired by international symbols relating to love, his collection embodies the awakening of kindness in the depths of despondence, encouraging us to fall in love all over again. Using the concept of stars, he aims to unlock an experiential flight of fantasy, in a world that is desperate with disillusion, and encourage his audience to unite, recognize the good in one another and be enveloped in this escapism, representing the various stages of falling in love. 

Gavin Rajah will be opening #MBFWCT17 tonight, 23 March 2017. Make sure to follow LUXO (@luxo_blog on twitter or @elricobellinga on Instagram) for exclusive images and runway looks of this amazing designer! 

Elrico Bellingan 

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