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Luxury Cars - Ladies what's YOUR opinion?

Luxury Cars - Ladies what's YOUR opinion?

11 June 2015

LUXO loves all things luxury and we are not only talking fashion and glamorous homes – what is more luxurious than a luxury car? I write this from a male perspective and since living in the UAE surrounded by incredible cars that’s more luxurious than you could ever imagine, I seem to wonder what do you LADIES think of luxury cars?


Nowadays it is not that hard to have a sexy looking car as Porsche and Ferrari are not the only brands creating very attractive cars. So ladies here’s the ultimate question: Do you like to drive them or do you show interest in a man who drives it? What is your first thought when you see a man in a luxurious car?

luxury cars luxo

What I’m trying to figure out is whether women really prefer men with smoking hot wheels or if it’s just an extra tick on their checklists, is it classed as an essential, a must have or just nice to have?

I suppose purchasing  a sports car solely to improve your luck with ladies, is a rather big stride to take to improve your luck with love, more than that, you don’t particularly want to be with someone, who might only be with you because you have a hot pair of wheels, now would you?

All I know is if I ever decide to or get the chance to invest in a sexy beast for the road, my car insurace cover would have to be amazing because no-one would want to risk any damage to their “baby”! Those Italian, French and British parts, depending on the make of the car purchased could cost you 10’s of thousands of rand to replace, in fact you might need a bit more than just the basic cover – but I reckon you’d want your precious wheels to have only the best!

luxury cars luxo

Car protection aside though… the question still remains – are luxury cars a thing for women? Many little girls grow up dreaming of marrying princes and meeting Mr. Right… so the question is, does Mr. Right also need to have a Porsche or a Ferrari?

luxury cars fashion luxo

We look forward to hear what you ladies think – comment below and let us know!


Elrico Bellingan

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