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Keeping Up with the Choker Trend

Keeping Up with the Choker Trend

31 August 2016

Thank you, 90s, for giving us the choker necklace—or better yet, thank you Kendall Jenner for making sure the choker trend is still hot as ever! The accessory was reborn last year and for a moment, we thought that the 90s-inspired fashion would fade back into everyone's memories. However, the reality star's outfit in last March's Estee Lauder product launch made sure the necklace wasn't going anywhere.



Here's a crash course on the choker trend for you!


Who really started it?

What's interesting is that the choker trend has been around far more longer than your favourite 90s sitcom star! Like the evolution of man, so has the choker trend evolved from being a jewellery of power status in Ancient Egypt, to being a sign of rebellion for guillotine victims in 1700 Europe (red ribbon), to being a sign of prostitution in the 1800s (black ribbon). The fashion piece was deemed controversial back then, especially when artist Edgar Degas painted his ballerina pieces with said black chokers. If anything, the choker is as scandalous as its monicker.


How do you wear chokers anyway? 

Sometimes you might ask yourself -- is the choker really for everyone? What if you don’t have the neck for it? To make sure the fashion police won’t go after you, you should consider the type of choker to get. There are different types of chokers, and you should wear the one that best fits you or your attire. Say, if your neck is slim and thin, you can wear detailed and thicker chokers (wide chokers can be as thick as 3 inches). On the other hand, thicker and shorter necks best wear simpler and thinner chokers. Also, wearing them with a really classy pair of cuffs will make your outfit look simply posh!

Types of Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces come in different shapes and sizes. Here are our top picks for you: 


Picture credit from Pinterest

Bow Choker

Give the black tattoo chokers a rest and try this cute alternative. It’s simple but sexy, and the smaller the ribbon -- the better!




Boho chokers
These are mostly beaded, nature-inspired, and suede wrap-arounds. Very chic, chill, and perfect for casual outfits. 


Picture credit from

Filigree Choker Necklace

Once again, this is a better alternative to the tattoo choker. The intricate design of the filigree is what sets it apart from the usual chain or loops of the plastic choker. This is the perfect accessory for formal events. 


Wrap Around Chokers

These can be DYI. Just take long tassels of suede and wrap it gently around your neck. You can wear this with outfits with V-necks that allow for the long extra suede to flow freely down your chest. 


MIxed Choker Sets

When you really love chokers, you can definitely indulge using the right combinations. On the other hand, if you can’t seem to make it work, this will certainly do the trick. Mixing chokers should vary in length, and wear only a maximum of three chokers with different textures. 

 Lastly, you should wear your choker necklaces with the appropriate clothing. In order to make your necklace pop and emphasize your neck, you should wear strapless, or low-cut dresses. Also, avoid wearing it over any garment, and is possible -- don’t wear it with a dress, lest you’re going tango. 

 Excited to try out this piece of jewellery? You should be! The choker trend is definitely one worth trying, and truth be told? It's an accessory every girl should have around!

 What's your favourite choker necklace? Tell us all about it in the comments! 

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