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Get Healthy with Fruit Infused Water!

Get Healthy with Fruit Infused Water!

11 June 2015

I admit to spending most of my free time on Instagram and Pinterest and for the last few weeks I have been seeing infused water pop up onto my newsfeed on a regular basis.Celebs including Khloe Kardashian posted it on her Instagram account so I decided to look into this (as I have been having some health and skin issues here in Abu Dhabi) and from what I can tell fruit infused water is a great way to keep your body healthy and it is a delicious alternative to juice or soda!

Fruit infused water luxo

fruit infused water luxo

Being a very visual person, I would simply do it for how pretty it looks, but fruit infused water really has great health benefits including:

- flushing toxins from your system

- fills you up so you are not craving snacks inbetween meals 

- naturally helps your body to release fat cells 

- keeps you from feeling "groggy" in the afternoon 

- your body gets natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants 

So as you can see, there really is no harm in trying this as it can only be good for you and this is a great idea for people who doesn't like the taste of water! 

fruit infused water luxo

The best part for me about fruit infused water is how easy it is to do! Some people follow recipes or adds exact amount but really you can add any fruit you like to it and be creative! Some fruits will help with different health issues so I will share with you the ones that are most common:

Lemon, Mint and Cucumber Water - Good for bloating 

Strawberry, Pineapple and Sage - Good for Relaxation

Dark berries and pomegranate - Anti Aging!

Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger - Detox and Cleansing 

You can make your infused water either in big jugs or these new fruit infused water bottles that are available at Woolworths (Click here) or At Home (Click Here) and this is an easy way to create different flavours and take it to work as a snack! 

fruit infused water luxo

I will be starting my fruit infused water challenge (for 1 week) this weekend and update you on how I feel about it - but I really do encourage you to try this (even though I know it's cold in Cape Town and a cup of tea sounds much nicer!) Be good to your body and it would be good to you! 

fruit infused water luxo

Ritza Van Rensburg 

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