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Travel in Luxury with Goldwing

Travel in Luxury with Goldwing

04 June 2012

Goldwings are the perfect way to travel in style and luxury while still being adventurous. I recently spoke to the National President of Wingriders South Africa, Anton Bellingan where he explained to us all about these luxury bikes, what their club does and also a bit of fashion (how you can glam up your "biker gear".)

Wing Riders GoldWing

"Besides how fashionable you can be on a motorbike, the question remain, can you travel in style and luxury on a motorcycle? A few members of the Wing Riders of South Africa recently gathered for the long weekend in Port Alfred. Some came from as far as Kakamas, Jo-Burg and Cape Town to spend some time relaxing in style at the Haylard Hotel in Port Alfred. Members of Goldwing all stood together to donate R5700 to the NSRI during this weekend.

Goldwing President, Anton Bellingan

Riding over a 1000km on a motorcycle can be very tyring, but not on a Honda Goldwing, the ultimate motorcycle cruiser on the road. They have all the luxurious you can imagine. Speed control, on board radio, CD player, two way radios, intercom communication availability to name but a few.  Some are converted into trikes to make it even more stylish and comfortable.

Goldwing Trikes

 Goldwing Trike Honda

They have enough storage space available to carry all your clothing and other requirements to spend a long weekend away. If, however you need more space for your additional fashion items, extra shoes and makeup kit, you can always hook a special designed trailer to your Wing.  "

Goldwing Luxury Trikes

When talking about fashion, Anton said that "biker clothing must be both functional and stylish and there are great items available for you. Leather and jeans may be the first two types of material that comes to mind if you think of bikers clothing, but long gone are the days when leather was the only material available to make motorcycle riders and their pillions look as good as the machines they were riding. 

No matter what material you are wearing as long as it can protect you from the elements, keep you dry in the rain, warm when cold conditions prevail and cool when it’s hot on the road.

There is no better shoe type for biking than a quality pair of good riding boots. They should be preferably water proof, cold resistant and non-skid. They can be short or long as long as they are comfortable and provide the necessary protection."

The inspiration took LUXO to find the perfect fashion to suit a luxurious bike such as the Honda Goldwing and I'm sure that if you've always thought biker gear is not for you, these items could change your mind.

luxury biker

Luxury biker fashion


Luxury biker gear

Luxury biker jackets


Luxury biker jackets burberry

See more of the Wing Riders on their site:  

Elrico Bellingan

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